Hire Attorney Yee to Protect your Rights and Investments

Hire Attorney Yee to Protect your Rights and Investments

Securities Law Attorney in Franklin, MA

When you find out someone's taken advantage of you, reach out to Yee & Associates, P.C. immediately. Attorney Yee handles legal matters related to poor trade execution, margin sell-offs, online trading, stock transfers, and other securities issues. He will represent investors who question the suitability of the investments recommended to them.

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Do you want to resolve your dispute out of court?

Attorney Yee handles securities arbitration cases. Instead of a judge and jury overseeing your case, up to three impartial witnesses will listen to your case and determine a fair settlement. Attorney Yee has experience with arbitration matters involving the following:

  • Government, corporate, and municipal bonds
  • Complex options strategies (debit spreads, credit spreads, long straddles, short straddles, etc.)
  • Addressing regulatory complaints and inquiries
  • Product suitability/unsuitability issues
  • Online trading
  • Best execution
  • Mutual funds
  • Margin sell-offs
  • Markups and markdowns
  • "Repos" and reverse "repos"
  • Short selling
  • Stock transfers and stock lending

Find out if arbitration is right for you. Contact Yee & Associates today to learn more about securities law and arbitration.