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More than 20+ Years of Experience

Frank A. Yee, Jr.

Attorney at Law

I wanted to make a difference for individuals and families, so I started my own firm. My mission has always been to help young adults get the education they deserve and a second chance to build a future they can believe in.

Finding Your Path in School & Beyond

What does quality legal counsel look like?

Passionate & Driven

My passion for special education, juvenile defense, and justice for young adults leads me to treat my clients like family. I’m driven to find a favorable outcome for you and your child because I know that nothing is more important.

Prepared to Succeed

Whether it’s a special education issue or a criminal defense case, I’m organized, efficient, and prepared to fight for what’s right. I hope to provide every family with the resources they need to move forward with confidence.

Competitive When it Counts

When individuals and families come to my firm for help, they expect results. Former clients tell me they appreciate my competitive spirit, my ability to take charge, and my insistence that your case matters. I will fight for you and your future, every step of the way.

Honest & Realistic Guidance

I make sure to fully explain the details of your case to you, setting realistic expectations for what we might accomplish. My legal guidance is pragmatic and practical while fighting for what is best for you and your family. The lines of communication are always honest and open.

Believing in You &
Believing in Access

From the beginning of my law practice, I’ve believed in the importance of access for every single person to the opportunity to develop their best and brightest selves. Unfortunately, if access is limited, it’s not easy to pursue the personal and academic goals that mean so much to us.

From helping you understand your rights in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process, to pointing you in the direction of resources to help young adults in juvenile court, I’m here because I believe in you and what you can achieve.

Practice Areas

Making an impact in Boston and surrounding communities

Special Education Law

Every child has a legal right to access curriculum. A special education attorney like me advocates for students to help them understand their rights and find academic success.

More About Special Education

Juvenile Criminal Defense

I have nearly two decades of experience as a juvenile defense lawyer representing young people when they make poor decisions and find themselves accused of criminal activity.

More About Juvenile Defense

Criminal Defense & OUI

When you need a criminal defense attorney to stand by your side, I will listen to your story and craft a strategy to help you move forward. Everyone deserves a second chance.

More About Criminal Defense

School Law

As an education lawyer, I can provide legal guidance in matters of school suspensions, expulsions, student safety, and discimination in any number of school settings.


Don’t Let Your Past Determine Your Future

I Can Help

Learning Disabilities: Myths & Realities

Myth: LD means low intelligence
or low motivation.

Reality: A learning disability is not a character flaw. Those with LD are often trying as hard — or harder — than their peers, and struggle to demonstrate what they truly know.

Myth: To cure dyslexia, learn to read better.

Reality: Dyslexia is a lifelong learning difference that can affect more than just reading. Clues to dyslexia can be found in how a student speaks and understands the sound of words. While reading practice can change anyone’s brain over time, someone with dyslexia benefits most if the type of instruction is suited to their needs.

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Juvenile Defense: Striving for Justice

When young adults commit crimes — whether shoplifting, trespassing, or possessing drugs — these actions never have simple consequences. They take an emotional and financial toll on everyone involved. That’s why a ‘typical’ approach to criminal defense is never enough when the future of a young person is at stake.  

I’ve learned so many lessons as a seasoned juvenile advocate. In helping clients in and around Boston, I’ve learned to see beyond the surface of a juvenile criminal charge; I’ve learned to better understand how one poor decision can lead to the next; I’ve learned the importance of understanding the underlying issues in a child’s life that might lead to criminal activity. It’s never as simple as it seems.

When I approach your case, I make sure to use everything I’ve learned in order to provide you with a chance at a brighter future. Because the juvenile justice system is different from the adult justice system, a criminal defense attorney needs to be able to adapt to the unique circumstances of juvenile defense. I’ve committed my career to working compassionately with young people while fearlessly advocating for their rights under the law. 

Regardless of whether your case is in adult or juvenile court, legal representation can make a difference. If you live in Greater Boston, Norfolk County, or Worcester County, contact my office in Franklin, Massachusetts for skilled defense and powerful advocacy.