Your Child's Education Is Important

Your Child's Education Is Important

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Your young child may appear to “guess” at the words in their favorite bedtime book. Your older child may seem unable to retain what they read from last night’s homework assignment.  Your child may have issues with attention or hyper activity.  You may not know the root cause.  Sadly, children with undiagnosed learning issues often think they’re just not smart enough.  They’re often told they just need to work harder or apply themselves.  When they try harder without success, they become despondent and withdraw.  So, early detection of a learning disability isn’t just important to your child’s academic success, it’s critical in ensuring your son or daughter does not needlessly endure years of emotional pain.  Concerned parents believe they can obtain answers and help from their child’s school, but when that doesn’t work, these parents often call Yee and Associates, PC.  Our firm helps parents in the Franklin area and throughout Massachusetts understand their child’s special education rights and get their child what they need. 

Maybe your child doesn’t meet the criteria for an IEP, but requires accommodations to be successful at school.

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Special Education Law in Massachusetts

Navigate IEP difficulties

Every child has a legal right to access the curriculum at school.  Their learning issues may be preventing that from occurring.   If your son or daughter has learning issues, you may need a special education attorney to advocate on their behalf.  Attorney Yee can help you:

  • Determine if and when your child is entitled to a free academic evaluation (and how you go about requesting one)
  • How and when you can obtain an independent education evaluation (generally paid for by you)
  • How to advocate for your child during the IEP process
  • How to read and understand your child’s evaluation results and IEP
  • How you go about requesting an out of school district placement to a private school
  • How you file a request for hearing at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals.
  • Consult Attorney Yee on special education law today. He serves clients in the Franklin, MA area as well as Norfolk, Bristol and Worcester County.