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Was Your Child Charged With Underage Drinking?

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Young People Partying and Holding Drinks upNo matter how close to 21 your child is, underage drinking is taken very seriously in Franklin, Massachusetts. Studies have shown that this state leads the nation in underage drinking, and your child will face strict prosecution as a result. Make sure you have a skilled juvenile crimes attorney on your side.

You can come in for a consultation at Yee & Associates, P.C. Our juvenile delinquency attorney will review your case and explain your options. We can help your child by preparing them for interviews, offering legal counsel, helping you build a solid defense, and representing your child in court.

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There Are Many Potential Consequences
for Underage Drinking

Intoxication laws are complicated enough for adults, but they become even more complex when involving minors. If convicted of underage drinking, your child could...

  • Be expelled from school

  • Have their driver's license revoked

  • Spend time in juvenile detention

  • Be denied student loans

A skilled underaged drinking attorney can advocate for your child and help protect their future. Team up with attorney Yee by calling our law firm today.